Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is a significant center city in Southwest China, known as an innovation-oriented and ecological leisure tourist city and national comprehensive railway hub. Due to its coolness and wetness in summer, low ultraviolet ray, fine water quality, suitable altitude and excellent eco-environment, Guiyang has the honor of “Summer Resort in China” awarded by Chinese Meteorological Society. It is not only modern, but provided with plateau characteristic that the city is in the mountains while mountains are in the city, and the city is in the forest while the greenness covers all over the city.


  • Masterpiece of nature: Go to Qianlingshan Park and Hongfeng Lake to enjoy the nature attractions with state-level and the nature power of karst landform.
  • Places of interest: Hang out at Qingyan Ancient Town and Jiaxiu Pavilion to appreciate the intelligence of forefathers.
  • Customs of ethnic: At present, there are 14 “Chinese Minority Characteristic Villages” in Guiyang city.

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Guiyang Attractions

It is no doubt that Guiyang is a miraculous city, because here is still comfortable in summer while you feel you’re in furnaces in other cities. Covered by extensive peculiar karst landform, Guiyang is distributed with plateau, mountains, basins, as well as river valleys. Besides, not only your eyes will be delighted in Guiyang, but your tongue, because food and snack here get favorable notice, too. [...]

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Guiyang Tours

Located in the Guizhou’s “Golden Triangle” tourism area, with 32 scenic spots, Guiyang is rich in colorful tourist resources. You can not only enjoy the national level beauty in Hongfenghu Lake and Qianlingshan Park, but also talk to ancient masters at Yangming Cave and Wenchang Pavilion. Addition, as a national historic and cultural town, Qingyan ancient town will attract you by its delicate buildings. [...]

Climate & When to Go

March-October is the optimum time, and you can catch many festivals of Miao minority during this time. Neither intense heat in summer nor bitter cold in winter, Guiyang has pleasant climate with moist air, no wind or sand all year around. Due to its low latitude (106°27′E, 26°44′N) and high altitude (1100m), controlled by westerlies, Guiyang has subtropical monsoon climate, with 15.3℃ (59.54℉) of annual mean temperate and 77% of annual mean relative-humidity. Meanwhile, its hottest weather is 23.7℃ (47.66℉) [...]

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Equipped with aviation, railway, and highway, Guiyang is one of significant traffic tubs and regional logistics centers in connecting the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta in southwest of China. 4 railways were intersected here and several high-speed rails were built. What’s more, it is available to go there by waterway. As for the traffic in the city, convenient buses and taxis will make you satisfaction. How to Get & Leave There Air Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport Located in the southeast of [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Guiyang is rich in varied activities and ethnic festivals. On the one hand, drifting in the canyon will let you experience the excitement of adventure. One the other hand, a warm and moist hot spring is the best choice to enjoy your leisure time. In addition, as one of ethnic minority areas in China, Guiyang has not only traditional but also characteristic festivals of minority. [...]

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Travel Tips

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Guiyang Accommodation

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